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Email to SMS Setup

Email to SMS most allows you to send and receive SMS from your email inbox. Guni makes this feature simple and easy to use. To send an SMS via email, Simply send an email to the recipient’s mobile followed by domain.

Configure Email to SMS by going to Messaging > Email to SMS

This feature is not available for trail users. Please ensure you have finished your verification.


You can edit the settings for Email to SMS by clicking on the following steps

  1. Whitelist Email Address :
  1. Enter email your email address
  2. Select Sender ID will be used to send SMS to recipients.
  3. Click Email Address

Check the active email to SMS – addresses. In case you don’t need email address you can simply delete the email by clicking on delete button in action

Send and receive SMS messages directly from/to your email.

To send a message via Email to SMS you must first register your email address in the Email to SMS configuration

Email to SMS feature is a 1:1 relationship between an email address and the Email whitelisting, so please registeran email address with one account.

For instructions on how to register an email address – Instructions

Sending to a Mobile Number

1. Login to your email client e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.

2. Compose a new email

3. Enter the SMS Mobile number, followed by (e.g.

4. Write the content of your message to either the subject and/or body of the email

5. Replies to the SMS will appear in both the email client inbox and also the Guni inbox/history

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