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Email to SMS is software which allows you to turn an email into a text message without any extra effort. Once registered with us, simply write your email and send your message to Your message will be converted from email to SMS and replies can be directed back to your email inbox, or as an SMS.
  • Select Message sent type
    • Get message from email subject and body
    • Get message from email body only
    • Get message from email subject only
    • Get message from the email body including full email chain
  • Add Email address & Select Sender ID
    • Enter email address that you will use to send sms.
    • Select Sender numer
      • Use shared number – You will get reply on email and also on web portal – History
      • Your own mobile number . If customer replies you will get SMS on your mobile.
      • Business Name(Max 11 characters). Customer can not reply on business name.

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