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Before you send bulk SMS. You must create an SMS template and upload a contacts list.

How to send bulk SMS using GuniSMS Web application?

  1. Firstly Set Sender ID.
  2. Secondly, create a Template
  3. Create a Contact List 

After setting up the above pre-requisite. You are ready to send your first SMS campaign.

Login to SMS Campaign Page

Click on add button

  • Choose Sender ID
  • Select Contact List
  • Select Template
  • The bulk name and description will be added from the contact list and template.
  • Personalized message content, using the name from excel file and remove message-optional if you don’t have a requirement to send a unique message to contacts. Use template instead to send a common message to all contacts.

Use fields from excel file {{name}} or {{message}} or {{dob}}

  • You can add up to five fields from the excel file.
  • Click on the opt-out option to send a unique opt-out URL to customers to STOP SMS from your business.

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