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GuniSMS provides easy to use send bulk SMS using Excel file.

Add contacts

Note, the Default contact upload limit is 5000 contacts. For more contacts please contact Guni support team.

  • Click on create Group icon
  • Enter group name
  • Add category (optional)
  • Click next

  • Click download to get sample contact file.
  • Click Next.
  • Open the downloaded excel file.
  • Enter mobile number are acceptable in following format- Mandatory
    • 04xxxxxxxx, 4xxxxxxxx, 614xxxxxxxx
    • 04xx xxx xxx, 04xx-xxx-xxx
    • 4xx-xxx-xxx
  • Our system will ignore duplicates, wrong mobile numbers(fix, line, non-Australian)
  • Optional -first_name, last_name, email, website, custom1 and custom2
  • You can use optional fields in SMS campaigns to personalise content. Such as “Dear {first_name}}”.
  • If you wish to import only mobiles better to delete optional fields from the file.

Mobile number excel file

  • Drag your file or click the block to select the file.
  • Click finalize import
  • List of uploaded contacts.

View the created contact list.

  • Go audience – Click managed groups on the contact page
    • https://app.gunisms.com.au/group
  • Select a group from the list.
  • Click view

Note, Single list support 10,000 contacts and you can import upto 2,000 contacts in a single upload.

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