Uploading Contacts using Excel file

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GuniSMS provides easy to use send bulk SMS using Excel file.

How to upload contacts list?

Go to GuniSMS Contact page

  1. Click on Contacts from the left bar menu.
  2. Click on Add button.
  3. Download the sample excel file.
  4. Fill in contacts details in a sample excel file: Mobile Number (mandatory & 614xxxxxxxx), Name optional( this will be used to send personalized sms) and message optional(this can be used to an individual message to contacts).
  5. Save excel file.
  6. Upload excel to contact list.
  7. Contact list name and description will be copied from the uploaded excel file.
  8. Click Save button

Download sample excel fiile

Enter contacts details – Mobile nuber(614xxxxxxxx), Name and Message

upload excel file and save

View the created contact list.

  1. Refresh the page if the newly added contact list doesn’t appear on the contact page
  2. Click on the list
  3. List of the contact group.
  4. You can import more contacts in the same list. Click on Add contacts and upload new contacts.

Note, Single list support 10,000 contacts and you can import upto 2,000 contacts in single upload.

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