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Things to know before you start

  1. Set business name as sender ID(limit up to 11 characters).
  2. Add multiple business names in all Senders(under profile).
  3. Set default Sender from all sender list for quick SMS or SMS campaign.

Guide to configure Sender ID

Click on “ Profile” option from the left menu bar, Next click on All senders.😎

Click on All Senders

Pop window will open and setup All sender and Default Sender

Add multiple sender IDs in All Senders

  1. Enter Sender ID.
  2. Click on add button. You can add multiple Sender names.
  3. Select Primary/Default Sender ID from the list for Quick SMS and Bulk SMS 
  4. Click Save Button.

Sample for Quick SMS SENDER IDSend Quick SMS 

Sample Sender ID in SMS Campaign 

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