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Guni makes sending messages super easy using web portal

You can send messages in different ways using the Guni web portal. Here are some most common ways:

  1. Quick SMS
  2. Single Message

Gunisms- send-singlemessage

1. Quick SMS

Send a Message as you send from your mobile device. 

Let’s go step by step:

  • Click Create button in the header bar of every page so it’s always one click away:
  • Click on Quick Message.
  •  Click on SMS
  • Enter the receiver’s mobile number.
    • You can add up to 5 recipients.
    • Support all formats : 04xxxxxxxx, 4xxxxxxxx, 614xxxxxxxx
  • Select  Sender ID from the list.  Following are the option for sender IDs
    • Shared number  – Free numbers of the pool. A shared number pool is used by other customers. The system assigned the number to your message and removed after some hours.
    • Dedicated number  –  It is a unique phone number for a specific business and it is exclusively for your use and involves a monthly subscription fee.
    • Business Name –  Add your brand name as the sender and get your audience excited. You can add up to 11 characters.
    • Own number – You can use your number. This is the number that you account verification.
  • Compose your message.
    • Type your message directly into the input box.
    • Chose the content from the Template 
    • Convert long web URLs using the Short URL option
    • Test your message before you send a message out using Send Test Message
  • Send your message.
    • Send immediately 
    • Schedule for later.
    • Click Send
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