Integrate Slack with Guni SMS

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Create Slack as the Trigger

  1. Login to Zapier, click on Make a Zap.

Choose ‘Slack’ as the trigger app.

Choose trigger event as ‘New message posted to channel.

  • Choose Slack account.
  • Choose a channel in Slack to use (create one if you don’t have one already). Note, this channel must only be used to send SMS – everything that’s posted in this channel will be forwarded to Zapier. 
  • Test the Trigger.

Create Guni SMS as the action

Now, we want to create an action to send an SMS.

  1. Choose ‘Guni SMS’ as the Action App.
  2. Choose the action event ‘Send SMS’.

Then, setup action and fil in the required fields and click Continue.

  • Click on Test and Review.

You should receive an SMS if you used your mobile number when testing the Slack trigger.

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